3 Reasons It's Time to Change Your Showerhead

Posted by Stephanie on 28th Sep 2020

3 Reasons It's Time to Change Your Showerhead

Is your current showerhead not performing as well as it should? How old is your showerhead? Do you even know? If you cannot recall when your showerhead was installed, it was likely a very long time ago.

There are three common reasons why your showerhead is not giving you the shower you desire, and only swapping out your current unit for a new one will rectify the problem.

Clogging and blocking of shower heads become all the more common if the quality of your water provided is harsh with a high amount of mineral content in it. Generally, bath water is chemically treated to make it suitable for consumption and bathing. But the problem arises when the water sits in the pipes for too long accelerating the chemical and mineral deposits in the fixtures. It’s not your fault. Over time this corrosion happens. You can attempt to clean your showerhead, however mineral deposits have likely built up where you won't be able to get to them. If this is the case, a new showerhead is the only solution.

With the Jetstream 8-jet showerhead you can easily adjust the water flow depending on your stream preference using the easy-to-turn knob on the shower head’s side. This allows you to be in total control over your preferred water pressure and shower experience. Classic 2-in-1 spray design features 8-jets and is effortless to operate. The change from your current water pressure will have you questioning why you waited so long to go forward with a replacement.

Next, let's discuss drips. Maybe you've gotten used to it by now, but if your bath faucet never stops dripping, even if you've turned off the water, something is wrong. It may not seem like much, but dripping faucets can add up to significantly higher utility bills over time. If dripping is happening to you, it’s time for a new showerhead.

The Langley heavy-duty brass showerhead’s quality construction ensures long lasting, drip-free operation. Enjoy years of use with a superior corrosion and rust-resistant finish. Sleek and modern compact construction provides a substantial flow. Perfect for smaller shower spaces without losing desired maximum stream. You don’t have to live with drips. Swapping out your current showerhead will put an end to it.

Lastly, if you have noticed blackening of your showerhead, it is imperative that you remove and replace immediately. Black mold is highly toxic and will thrive in humid environments. The mold will look like little black dots around your showerhead and is notoriously difficult to clean. While you may consider getting a professional cleaner, it’s actually cheaper, and safer, to get a new showerhead. Don’t take any chances with your health when mold is involved.

If you are looking for a simple and hassle-free install, you’re in luck! Installation of the Bremerton shower head is quick and easy, so no plumber is needed, and you’ll be comfortably showering in no time! This shower head quickly screws on to any traditional plumbing piping, and you can reduce any chance of potential leaking with plumber’s tape. Wouldn’t you like to have an updated look, and better functioning water pressure, in mere minutes? Not to mention eliminating the threat of dangerous mold?

If your current showerhead has any of the issues listed above, it is time to make a change in your shower. Replacing your old and worn out unit will have you on your way to a better-feeling and healthier shower experience.