Aberdeen Flexible Goose-Neck Kitchen Faucet

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  • 5
    Best faucet ever!

    Posted by brian w. on 24th Apr 2019

    I've been using this faucet for almost a year now and believe it is the world's best faucet design. I LOVE it! Over the decades I've used a lot of different faucets, and this is absolutely the best. I've generally found that things that retract stop retracting or get hung up at some point. They also tend to make noise. This faucet doesn't require pulling on or fighting with anything. It simply bends or swivels silently and then stays where you put it. Switching from spray to stream can be done with the same hand that's directing the faucet.One feature that makes me smile every time I use it is the ability to be down in the sink for washing vegetables or high above it for filling tall thermoses. Genius!!One reviewer complained about the plastic head. I didn't realize the head was plastic until taking it off after almost a year. This is NOT a cheesy looking faucet. In case you are wondering, there are no sharp edges anywhere. After many months of use, the toggle became difficult. Soaking the head for a couple of hours in a 1:1 white vinegar/water solution had it working like new.Pacific Bay has a limited lifetime warranty. It's at the bottom of the last page of the installation guide. There is an email address for contacting them which might not look like much, but provides fantastic customer care. They stand behind their product.I can't recommend the Aberdeen highly enough. I have one in the kitchen sink, the laundry sink, and the studio sink. LOVE it!

  • 5
    Loving it for our RV

    Posted by Lara Pearl on 1st Nov 2018

    Under the faucet is mostly open, so I couldn't have one of those gravity dangling things or it would show. Still, I wanted the kind of faucet that I could move around in the sink. This ended up being perfect. You have to make sure the plastic button is pushed in all the way to fill up water bottles with a normal stream. I hope it holds up.

  • 4
    Just okay.

    Posted by Amber P. on 26th Feb 2018

    Nice faucet. Works well. Just does not have that quality look I was wanting.

  • 1
    False product description

    Posted by Michael Turner on 16th Feb 2018

    Misleading seller, false product description, this isn't all metal construction kitchen faucet, the faucet head is made of all cheap plastic with metallic paint. This faucet doesn't have pull down sprayer either. The all metal construction and pull down sprayer are the main selling point for me to buy this faucet for my friend who needed a faucet right away. Very disappointing.

  • 5
    For the price this is an excellent product

    Posted by Raymond R Sewell on 12th Feb 2018

    For the price this is an excellent product. I really like its easy maneuverability and it looks great. I am very pleased! No cons.

  • 5

    Posted by Molly Pursell on 14th Sep 2017

    I absolutely love this faucet! We have not had good luck with any replacement faucet we've bought (3 in 10 years) either because they leaked after a short time, the pressure was low, or the retractable hose stopped retracting. This new faucet has all the bells and whistles needed in any kitchen. We bought the brushed nickel faucet and haven't looked back. I highly recommend this faucet to anyone looking for a replacement.

  • 5
    This is a good quality product

    Posted by Douglas K. Gardner on 8th Sep 2017

    This is a good quality product. Construction and finish are excellent. It is easy to adjust the spray head and switch between spray and jet. Installation is easy and requires minimal tools.

  • 5
    Love the new faucet!

    Posted by Marilyn Feik on 29th Aug 2017

    I love my new faucet! I replaced my other one because it stopped functioning properly after only a few weeks. It had a powerful spray that drenched me, the floor and the counter with every use. In comparison, this faucet has a fairly weak spray, but it can be changed to a steady stream, which the other one could not. I was very excited when I opened the package and saw the beautiful brushed nickel of this elegant faucet. It's very adjustable and easy to use with its flexible neck. I hope it works better for longer than the last one.